Sunday, July 5, 2009

Keep Bugs at Bay, Not Your Friends!

So, I was enjoying the company of some friends last night, celebrating Independence Day, when I had an epiphany. Well, it could be said that the epiphany had me. As evening approached and the bugs descended upon our little fellowship, out came the bug spray for all the kids. And then followed the smell. Now, I am not at all saying that these parents should not have protected their children from insect bites, but I realized, "Hey! I have everything on hand to make a very pleasant smelling insect repellent! I should do that!"

And so Close at Hand is born. The concept is something like this, "Close At Hand: Drive bugs away, not your friends."

Close At Hand is a blend of several aromatic oils that are also known bug repellents. Knowing that there are some bugs that certain oils are better at driving away than others, I've included 4 different essential oils, each with different specialties. The result is a rather effective blend that still smells pleasant to the people you want to spend time with. No photos yet, I am still developing a label, but hopefully by this evening Close At Hand will be available for purchase on my etsy!

Other Product Update: Product development on other items has slowed somewhat. I do not want to have to charge a great deal for shipping, and so shipping melt-able items in the heat seems like it would require some kind of special packaging. To be entirely honest I'm somewhat wary of shipping soaps in this heat. I've received items in the mail and been shocked at how very HOT they felt. Thus, Bee Refreshed may have to wait until the cooler weather to be available. Also, I think I am going to temporarily deactivate the lotion and hand protector as well. They will return, but I need to find good methods to ship in this heat!

If anyone knows any good ways around this, please share! I would love to find an affordable way to ship my items, but I don't want them to melt en route. The Soft & Sweet Lip Balm I am not nearly so worried about. That is in a sealed container, so even if it gets melted it can be set right-side-up in a warm place and will turn out fine.

That is it for today folks! Happy Independence Day! I hope everyone had weekends that were safe and tons of fun!

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