Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Gift Baskets

Hello everyone!

The gift sets have started appearing on Etsy and ArtFire. I started with the lavender small set, but the eucalyptus mint will be available by Monday night. Larger gift baskets will be added over the course of the next week.

Shipping options are automatically USPS Priority shipping, which is a 2 day lead time, so there is still plenty of time to order before Christmas!

Small Gift Baskets: These are $15 ea. and contain: 5 oz. Bath Snow,3-4 oz bar of soap (depends on shape) in a Christmas-themed shape, Soft & Sweet lip balm. These are available in Lavender or Eucalyptus Mint, contact me for custom orders.

Medium Gift Baskets: These are $25 ea. and contain: 7 oz. Bath Snow, 3-4 oz bar of soap in a Christmas themed shape, Soft & Sweet Lip Balm, and a 4 oz bottle of Touch of Silk Body Lotion. These are available in Lavender or Eucalyptus Mint, contact me for custom orders.

Large Gift Baskets: These are $40 ea. and contain 7 oz. Bath Snow, 3-4 oz bar of soap in a Christmas themed shape, Soft & Sweet Lip Balm, 4 oz bottle of Touch of Silk Body Lotion, and a 4 oz bottle of Lavender Bliss (Deodorant/Room Deodorizer/Linen Spray), and a scented Beeswax candle. These are available in Lavender or Eucalyptus Mint, contact me for custom orders.

Exciting New Ventures

Today, I was very excited to attend the grand opening of a new coffee shop in town, Big A Coffee Company. I saw that there was some jewelry for sale in the shop, and thought it might be wise to ask about selling some of my soaps or lip balms. Dee Dee, one of the owners, seemed very excited about the idea and had actually seen my shop on Etsy. I told her about the ArtFire shop, too; because it turns out that she sells jewelry on Etsy, and I thought she might like the chance for a new (free) venue. So, as of Wednesday, I will have Soft & Sweet Lip balm, a gift basket or two, and my soaps (Bee Refreshed and Bee Soothed) available for sale at Big A Coffee Company, as well as on Etsy and on ArtFire. There are a few other venues in town that I might be able to partner with, but for now I am very exited to see this opportunity come about.

Everyone local should definitely check out Big A Coffee Company. They are using a local coffee brewer (well, from just over the state line in SC), Iron Brew Coffee. I had a mint mocha today (special order) and it was really good. My husband Jeff had a plain ol' coffee, and he said that was great, as well. I had a spinach mushroom feta breakfast burrito that was delicious! We also tried a sample of an incredible 2-layer brownie. Beyond the food and coffee, which are of course integral to a good coffee shop; the decor was fantastic. I have seen three other businesses operated in the same establishment, and while 2 of the three had pretty good decor, these ladies outdid them all. The walls were repainted a light gray color that really opened up the place. The non-load bearing posts which were previously there had been taken out, also allowing for better use of the space. And colorful (with plenty of earth tones which are perfect for coffee shops) and tasteful artistic pieces bedecked the wals. There were armchairs and a sofa as well as the normal tables and chairs. All in all, the place looked fantastic, the coffee was great, and so was the food.

I highly recommend a visit to Big A Coffee Company, and would of course love your support while you are visiting!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Long Pause

The summer time was busy for me here, which led to some delays with Bee Beautiful. We had a lengthy move (across town, but some 5 or 6 fish tanks will complicate things), some health complications, and a business trip or two cluttering up the calendar; which made for some very stop and go endeavors in this department.

I apologize for the inconsistency, and am excited to be back at last to get things moving solidly. Here are some of the changes taking place.

I now not only have an etsy storefront, but also one with artfire. Artfire is very similar to etsy, except that it is FREE! There are, of course, also paid options, but for now I'm grateful for a second venue that does not add any additional cost.

My friend DJ at Firefly Imageworks has created a fantastic banner for both sites, and is working on matching labels for the products. I am still using homemade labels for now, but I cannot wait to see how the new ones look! Here is the banner:

DJ is a very talented photographer / graphic designer/ illustrator and then some. Anyone who has needs in that area should definitely get in touch with him via the link above. And tell him I sent you. I do not get a commission of any kind, but he would love to know where the business came from, I am sure.

Christmas / Holiday Gift Baskets are going on sale as of tonight. I will be posting another blog shortly with all of those details.

We have some new products currently in development. A host of newly pregnant friends and siblings has inspired me to create Bee Beautiful Bump Balm, and I should be adding that shortly. Additionally, a friend who loves my deodorant for odor, but has a problem with excessive sweating requested that I find an aluminum-free way to make an antiperspirant; something that had never occurred to me as possible. I did a little research, though, and soon Lavender Bliss will be available as simply a deodorant and as an antiperspirant/deodorant. I am still tweaking the scent combination for the men's deodorant, but that will also be available in an antiperspirant/deodorant form.

I am very excited to get things rolling again! New blog posts, new products, and great skin care tips will be heading your way soon!